Saturday, February 3, 2007

My Paper Dolls

So Rebecca TOTALLY inspired me! I copied her idea and printed out the same sets as her. I did recolor the ribbon and outfit in the baby brother set from pink to blue since it was for BROTHER! LOL!!! (Those digital scrapbooking lessons have been paying off!)!!

This is the inside. I used a computer box (since my husband is a computer guru we have PLENTY of these kind of boxes lying around). It closes easily, and stays closed by inserting the two tabs - see top corners - into slots in the box.

I used black felt for the top background and the fabric was a GEM I found and had been holding onto for a rainy day. I sewed it into a "bed" for the girls, leaving the top unsewn so the dolls could slide in and out easily. I did sew a line down so each girl has their own individual spot, and it helps keep the fabric sewn to the felt.

Below them is blue felt for the carpet. This has all their clothes on it for now. Since our family is 3 girls and one boy, this set was a PERFECT fit for our family. All three girls are sisters and then of course baby brother.

This is the outside of the box. This is where most of the playing will take place. You can see the middle sister is taking care of her baby brother.

The girls can open the box to take out the clothing (or whatever they wish) and play with it on the front of the box. The background is just blue felt.

The few pieces of furniture included in the kit were a bassinet, a highchair (where baby is sitting), and some sort of bath/wash area (too cute!!!). There was also a basket of toys as well as a ball (my girls already lost that), a sheep and a puppy. Then a faithful dog is standing guard near the bassinet.

My girls are 7yr, 5yr and 3 1/2 yr and ALL were SO EXCITED about their paper dolls!!! I must admit that I feel sorry for children who watch so much TV and commercials and are so wrapped up in materialism that they cannot enjoy a paper doll at ANY age! Hey, I am 30ish and am really enjoying my dolls!!!

This is Momma's set to be played with by Momma and the girls (of course). :) I sewed the bed by hand (which is why you are NOT getting a close up of that!). That way the girls could see how to make it. They each will be sewing on their bedding and making their own doll houses. I will try to show pictures as we get theirs done.

AA's set was the Diane age 7 doll. I recolored her hair to be brown (like my daughter's) and her eyes to be hazel (like hers). So the doll actually looks at lot like her.

EE's set was the Diane age 5 doll. I recolored her hair to be a bit more blondish/brown. Her eyes were already a good color. Her doll looks a lot like her.

MM's doll was a Betsy McCall's doll from the 1950's. It came with a doll with matching outfits. REALLY cute!!

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