Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Love Sweet Love

Who said that men don't need to be romanced? I know that my husband gets more lovey dovey towards me after I do some romancing of him. If you have been reading my blog, you know that every Saturday I post a Saturday Sweetheart post - some way to improve your marriage (right now through romancing your husband).

Men need to know that they are loved and wanted just as much as us women need to know we are loved and wanted. Of course what is romantic for me and what is romantic for hubby are usually two different things. But the effort shows that I was thinking about him. It shows that I want to be with him.

And instead of waiting to do all the romantic things I want to do, I simply make plans to do them and surprise HIM with them. I get just as much joy out of doing that for him as if he had been the one who did it for me. And instead of getting older and older while I wait for him to develop the power to read my mind and plan the event, I plan the event and get to enjoy it while I am still young and have the energy to!! :)

While yes, it would have been nice for him to just know what I want to do, the main thing is that I want to do it and I want to do it with no one else but him. I don't have the bitterness of never having gotten to do what I thought was a romantic thing to do! :)

So I encourage you to make plans (this doesn't have to happen Valentine's Day) to do something romantic you have always wanted to do. Maybe it is a sleigh ride in the snow or a candlelit dinner in a hotel room - ROOM SERVICE. Whatever it is, I guarantee if you take the time to romance your husband instead of allowing bitterness and disappointment to foster, you will get to enjoy all those romantic things YOU want to do and improve your marriage AND show your man some lovin' too. You won't regret it!

(WFMW is the idea of Rocks In My Dryer)

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Amy said...

What a great tip! Too often we women want to be surprised by romance, but you're right, if we wait around for the men in our lives to read our minds, we'll just get old.