Thursday, February 1, 2007

Life Lessons

We all make mistakes. Some have bigger consequences than others. And it amazes me that we don't always think about the consequences of our mistakes until LONG after they have already been made.

When my husband and I were dating, I made a huge mistake of getting jealous. Not of girls (although I wasn't the only one who knew what a catch he was). But of the piano. My husband was blessed with a gift of playing and writing the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Rather than support him in this, I became jealous. I wanted him to spend his time with me. So slowly, it didn't happen overnight, my husband began giving up his time on the piano. That was over 13 years ago. And I still miss hearing him play.

I have tried to encourage him since then. While we did not have the funds to buy a piano, we bought an 88 key keyboard. I would encourage him to play, but of course, like any talent, it needs to be practiced or it is lost. And sadly, when he heard how horrible he played (his words not mine), he has not touched the keys since. That was over 6 years ago. I can only hope that when he begins the music instruction of our children that he will once again play.

I am sad to say that I did not learn from that mistake.

For my husband started another hobby. Photography. Before digital cameras (where you can take lots and lots of pictures and not have to pay for each awful print trying to get that one good one). I would nag him about the price. You see, photography is another talent that has to be practiced. And this was a costly one. Not just money wise but TIME wise as well. Again, I felt threatened and jealous of my time with my husband.

Thankfully digital cameras came along and were relatively inexpensive (compared at least to the money we were paying for film and prints and CD's). And I read a book that told me to be more support to the Mr. Visionary part of my Mr. Steady husband. Thankfully not too much damage was done on my part. My husband still has a love of photography. We have set up a home studio for him and I am always on the look out for new backdrops (I need to pray we find a nice black one). In fact he did a photo shoot of me during my last month of pregnancy (see pic on the right - I made a montage of some of my fav shots)! It was WONDERFUL fun!

And while he doesn't go on shoots as often as he did before, he is now at least going again. In fact we will be going on a shoot Valentine's weekend! Old me would have been SO jealous! How dare he think of doing this on a weekend all about love. But then again, if I was focused on my LOVE FOR HIM instead of for myself... well, you know.

Now husband has found yet another hobby (no he hasn't given up photography). Watercolor Painting. I am so thankful that God has shown me how to be a helpmeet to my husband (oh, it is so much MORE than just submission). I went with him and we bought paper and paints and videos and a special case for everything to put it in. When I see him painting, I encourage him. I will even sit and enjoy watching him paint.

My husband is so much more HAPPY when I support him in the talents God has given him. And honestly, even if he weren't talented at it, the fact that my husband WANTS to do it, it means a lot to him to have my support. I pray that this will encourage some wife or soon to be wife out there. Sometimes there are consequences to our actions that we cannot even fathom until it is too late.

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