Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today's Doings

Our local health food store had their stainless steel water bottles on sale. WOOHOO!! So I bought some. I have been wanting to lose weight (read NEEDING to) and I know a part of that is drinking enough water. Beloved and I have a bet going (reminesent of our dating years where we would make bets of who would do something to the other person like massage the winners feet and then play air hockey). As long as BOTH of us drink the required amount of water (2 liters at this point), then everyone is a winner. Whoever doesn't drink the required amount is the loser. Today is day one. I am the winner. :)

And now to the sad (and a bit scary news). Beloved has an inguinal hernia. My beloved was born with one and had emergency surgery where they promptly removed 6 inches of his colon. Normally, if he had a hernia, it really would not be a big deal (unless it became strangulated). HOWEVER, because this is in the same area he had his previous one, it is likely that the wall is very damaged. :( The surgery becomes more complicated because of this. :( We are going to TRY to do this naturally. Does anyone have any ideas? Prayers are appreciated.

I was VERY blessed to FINALLY have some blessings at the Goodwill the other day. I LOVE to cook in my cast iron. I have always wanted a lid for my oven set, but did not have one. God blessed me not only with a lid, BUT with a matching pan BOTH Griswold!! Yes it is only an 8, but I am STILL over the top about it!! Both are in GREAT condition (was the lid EVER used??) and the pan is WELL seasoned. Thank you Lord for a WONDERFUL blessing!!! And only for $13!!! And no, a Griswold lid does not fight as tightly on a Wagner! LOL!!! :)

Tonight's dinner was AMAZING! Fish (pan fried in olive oil with salt and pepper until flaky - not hardly brown at all). Kale and onions (lightly brown onions in coconut oil in cast iron, fill with kale, cover with your new blessing of a lid and cook until wilted, salt). Radishes and yellow carrots (cooked in ghee until still firm but somewhat brown).

Tomorrow our church is having a prophesy sermon in the evening and following is a party lasting until midnight. I am sure we will be heading home WAY before then, but it should be fun. Beloved is especially interested in the sermon (prophesy is a passion of his). And we will be with friends most all of the day. It is going to be WONDERFUL!

We aren't doing resolutions this year (and while we have TRIED to do them in the past, we never really follow through with them) and we feel GREAT about it. We know their are changes we need to make in our personal lives as well as our family and marriage. But we will make those changes as God leads and allows with prayer and in His timing. :) That said, there are a few things I plan on doing this coming year: learning to be a better keeper at home, go through the catechism, becoming healthier, being a better wife and mom. Pretty vague, I know. LOL!! The first two have more definite plans (post coming on Monday with a freebie for you).

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