Friday, December 12, 2008

Today's Doings

I have been sick in bed today. This meant that the children watched educational and "Jesus" videos. AA also read the Bible to us. And they all had time to play on the computer, "something educational and not just fun please" I asked them. I am so glad my girls understand sign language, because my voice was nil for most of the day.

This allowed me to spend several hours on the computer doing research and learning from a sweet friend of mine who is an encyclopedia of knowledge (and is so kind to answer all my questions, even when it is the bazillionth time I have asked it)!

The tea I mentioned yesterday worked SO WELL on JJ. There is also a runny nose cure that really worked too. It has been WONDERFUL! The runny nose cure was more palatable than the decoction. I will now be keeping sage on in stock in my pantry!

We are watching a fun Christmas movie, The Bishop's Wife (old time black and white original, not the remake) tonight for our pizza (well, tonight it was soup because of all the illness here) movie night.

I have forgotten to have the girls start grateful/thanksgiving journals. I really want them to start that, and I want to start that myself too.
So because I am truly thankful, three things I am thankful for:
My children's health. Even though they get sick every now and then, they have always gotten better. Some children have deadly diseases that have no cure.
My friend, Brenda who is an inspiration and encouragement to me.
My mom. I miss her so much. I love her so much. And I am so very thankful for all she has done for and continues to do for me and my family.

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