Thursday, December 4, 2008

Laughter Does A Heart Good - Today's Doings

My mom is here. She got here yesterday. Day four of my daughter's illness. AA has "the worst illness EVER!" I must admit that normally when my kids get sick (which honestly is pretty rare), they usually get over it within three days (with the prayer and herbs and all). This time, I could not get rid of it. And my poor baby was MISERABLE.

But today, today she was finally better. Once I found out she had strep, something I had as a kid but never had to deal with as a mom, I found out what to do for her (gargling with apple cider vinegar, high doses of Vitamin C, grapefruit seed extract, immune support herbs and essential oils, and an herbalbiotic) and she started getting better immediately (thanks Brenda!). And today she was almost back to her old self (but very very tired).

So with being sick, I am putting on a movie (sometimes two a day) to keep her from being bored while I have been keeping the other kids in a separate room - which has payed off because THANKFULLY God has spared them and none of the other children have gotten sick. JJ gave me a bit of a scare when he got a little bit of a fever and his cry sounded like he might have have a sore throat. But his strep culture came back negative. Not to mention the fact that he is acting normal - eating and drinking well not to mention PLAYING joyfully and LAUGHING!!!

Oh how I LOVE to hear my children laugh. And today, my mom was able to watch the movie with AA (It's A Wonderful Life). And I got to hear MY MOM LAUGH. Yes, that is a big deal. My mom, while not a overly serious person, she does not have a lot of joy. Smiles, but no laughter. To to hear her laugh, a laugh that comes from deep down inside, was wonderful! It was amazing how even her laughter made me feel so good and warm inside.

I wonder if my laughter, my JOY, is as important to my children? Sometimes I can be WAY too serious. I have a lot of my mother in me. And a lot of that seriousness, worry wartness that my mom has in her mad me so sad as a child. I never really thought about that until now. And now that I am a Christian (my mom is not), I should not worry. I mean the Bible tells us over and over and OVER again not to worry. And to have joy. My lack of joy and worrying and being too serious is a HORRIBLE example to my children of how God wants us to live. I mean, my goodness, if I thought that was what being a Christian was like, I would want no part of it!

I need to laugh more. It will do my children's hearts good. And it will do my heart good as well. I think I might live longer too or something to that effect. :D But most importantly, it will be a godly example to my children of how God wants us to live.

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Tabby said...

Oh, I so agree! I'm guilty of not being outwardly joyful as well, too busy with the everyday things to even think 'happy thoughts'. One thing that helps our household so much is to have praise music playing in the background. Too often, I forget to turn it on, but when I do it makes such a difference in our attitudes!