Saturday, December 27, 2008

Salvation Has Come To This House

AA, our near 9yr old dd prayed on Christmas Eve to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. I think she had always been that way, but I think that this was just the public display for her. None the less, she has been taking this very seriously, and talks now about God has changed her. She remembers vividly what the pastor said about how we can be tempted and I ask your prayers that she will not be tempted now that she has made this public declaration.

This could not have come at a more special time, because on Christmas morning, she was given a new Bible, her very own. Yes, it is purple, her favorite color. Yes, it sparkles and has gems on it. YES, it is a princess Bible. But it is a good one too.

Today she opened it up to read to me and decided she wanted to start with Job.

Job? REALLY God? Don't You want to lead her to start with something more powerful and life changing like any of the letters from Paul, or maybe the Gospel of John?? ANYTHING but Job.

But Job it was to be. And soon I would find out why. After she read the first chapter, I talked to her about finding her OWN personal application (whereas before hand Momma would always talk about the application). I told her how wherever we are in life, God can tell us something different in the Bible, even if it is the same verse, we can get something different out of it each time we read it. What was her personal application from what she read today?

Her answer: To be praise and love God even if He takes everything away from me.

OK sweetie. But what if one of your sisters breaks something of yours? Would you still praise God by being kind and loving to your sisters??

Her answer: Yes, now that I have God in my heart.

Not two minutes later, she was put to the test. She had generously loaned her new wooden doll she got for Christmas to her 5yr old sister (MM) who is sick, to help her feel better. And it broke. AA was SO SAD. But she did not get angry. I talked to her about how sometimes, when we read something in the Bible, we will be tested to see if we are going to be true to follow through with the personal application. I was so proud of her for following through. And thankfully, Daddy said he would be able to fix the doll good as new!

Previously I would have heard yelling and screaming and blaming and crying. Today, I did hear sadness, but I heard love and forgiveness and praises to God as well. I am so thankful to God!

There is a GREAT free sermon by one of my favorite preachers, Dr. S.M. Davis that deals with answering children's questions about salvation. I HIGHLY suggest you go and listen to it (you can also download it to your computer but right clicking "Save As"). This link was sent to me by Dr. Davis (you can join his email list) as a Christmas present, so I am not sure how long the link will be available. Just a little encouragement to get it while you can.

(Side note: As I am writing this, JJ has gotten himself undressed (still has a diaper on YEAH!), brought his baby into the cradle, covered him up with a blanket and is now rocking the baby sining "Rock A Bye Baby". I LOVE IT!)

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Cindy said...

Aw, this brought tears to my eyes! How sweet and so awesome! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing! :)