Monday, December 8, 2008

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Abundance Out Of Simplicity
A wonderful post on Christmas. I really like this idea. HT: Like Merchant Ships

Doing Your Husband Good Day 2
I have truly been enjoying this series. But I did want to comment on something said in the beginning of this post. I LOVE how she points out that it is not for us to look to our husband to lighten our load, but to take it to the Lord and allow Him to lighten it for us. BEAUTIFULLY put!!!

Jesse Tree
I was amazed to hear my beloved talking about this idea as if it was his own. LOL! Honestly he does come up with the BEST ideas. Unfortunately, sometimes, someone else had already come up with it first. So next year we might be doing a Jesse Tree! :) This is one of the best articles with LOTS of links, from a blog I just happen to love! (Please be in prayer for Monica and her family, she has recently found out her father has cancer.)

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