Thursday, December 11, 2008

Proverbs With The Children - Today's Doings

I think it was Large Family Logistics where I first learned of reading the Proverbs of the Day to the children during their naptime. They have a yahoo list which sends out reminders like Flylady, but these are godly oriented for keeping the children and home. I have TRULY been enjoying the reminders!!! :)

I had heard of doing a proverb a day where there are 31 proverbs and 30/31 days in the month so read the corresponding chapter to the corresponding date. But I had never thought of doing this with the children. I cannot tell you the difference it is making in my children! It is so wonderful, right before naps/quiet time, to see each of the children get their Bible to follow along. They ask questions (today was what does THAT mean, talking about Proverbs 22). And God always speaks to my heart during this time. And I share with the children what God is teaching me PERSONALLY and how the word is for THEM personally.

Today I had music playing in the background. It was instrumental. When Jingle Bells came on, JJ (only 2 1/2yr now mind you) started singing! "Unggle Ells, Uggle Ells, Unggle Ells..." over and over again. It was the CUTEST thing! And I was TOTALLY impressed by his ability to recognize the song (as it was instrumental). Honestly, I would never have known what he was singing if the song wasn't playing in the background.

As far as schooling, we got nothing done today. :( Well, I guess that is not totally true as we did watch some Signing Time videos we checked out from the library. They learned some new signs. But with JJ and EE both being sick and AA just having gotten over being sick, I was busy today. And the kids were busy coughing and sleeping. :)

I have learned that you can put tea tree oil in a diffuser to help purify the air (good to do when there is sickness in the house). And gargling with apple cider vinegar will help kill strep in the throat. I have learned that sage is good for cold/flu and respiratory illnesses. And here is hoping that the decoction I am making will help JJ.

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