Monday, December 22, 2008

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Kitchen Tip - Washing Dishes With Baking Soda
I quit rinsing dishes before washing MONTHS go and it is amazing how much we save on our water bill!! But there are still a few dishes which have a little bit stuck to them. Usually only one or two dishes. I am going to try this baking soda trick and see if I have to use dish washing powder at all OR if I can just do the baking soda on the dishes and then the vinegar rinse (instead of Jet Dry, we have been using vinegar in the dispenser and it works WONDERFULLY!).

Vegan Baking 101
WONDERFUL list (BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!) of egg substitutes for baking. She lists different types of subs, what they are good for, what to be aware of...and all from personal experience. I have printed this out for my kitchen!

Christian's Secret to a Happy Life - this is a WONDERFUL classic!
The Book Of Household Management
The Home and it's Management

Combating the "Mom Should Get Out Of The House More" Mentality
I love Jess' blog. I sadly do not get to read it as often as I would like. Life happens and I love it! But this has to be the BEST post on this topic I have read! I have felt this way for a long time. I do agree that we need help and a break, but when I break I want my husband to be the one watching the kids so at least ONE of us is watching the kids). And what about dating your spouse? Brian and I try to do this in the evenings after the kids are in bed. The kids are in bed by 7-8 (depending on if they had naps earlier in the day or not). keeping kids active REALLY help them sleep at night. :) This is a post (and a blog) I highly suggest you read!!

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