Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recent Doings

I have been doing a lot of research on herbs and now, aromatherapy and essential oils. It is funny (sad really) how I will hear of a remedy and think to myself "HOW SILLY! There is no way that would work!" So I wait months even years before trying it (and usually only trying it in desperation) only to find that it works and I wish I would have tried it when I first heard about it.

I have also been busy trying to keep warm! Usually, when it is extremely cold, we stay indoors. But the other night my beloved wanted to go shopping. It was 12 below zero with the windchill. And that was when we went into the store, while it was still daylight outside! I have no idea what it was when we left, way after dark! LOL!! I must admit, that with the thermostat at 60, it was really chili in our room (which still has wooden windows). I tripled the comforters! I made sure to check on the children before turning it (the temperature on the thermometer read -3 and there was frost on the windows on the inside panes in the rooms least used. LOL! BRRRRrrrrr!

We will finally get back into the homeschool routine tomorrow. WHEW! This sickness, I think, is finally kicked out. Although I do ask prayers for JJ. He was very lethargic today, and totally uncharacteristic of himself. I am a bit worried, especially since we no longer have a pediatrician (LONG story). And if you feel led, please pray that God would lead us to a good pediatrician, who is willing to take over a case in the middle of it as well as be supportive of our desire to do more natural ways of healing rather than always just start drugs.

We made mailboxes out of used cereal boxes so the girls are encouraged to WRITE! LOL!! EE LOVES to write, but AA hates it. But she LOVES to give and get mail. SO I am hopeful that writing and receiving mail will encourage her. She is too much of a perfectionist and hates her handwriting. I am hoping that she will see she CAN improve in time with PRACTICE! LOL!! I can say it all I want, but she needs to SEE it for herself. :)

Well, that's about it for now. Off to prepare for Christmas and birthday parties!

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