Wednesday, December 24, 2008

They Brought Him

I have always thought it interesting the gifts the wise men (notice I did not say THREE wise men, because while there were three gifts, the Bible never actually say HOW MANY MEN there are) chose to give Jesus. There was great meaning behind each gift! Each of the three gifts represented an aspect of who Jesus is and what His mission was to fulfill.

Here are a few articles on the meaning of the three gifts for those who don't already know:
Meaning Behind The Gifts of the Wise Men
Meaning Behind The Gifts of the Magi

Now that I am learning about essential oils, I am learning that Frankincense and Myrrh are known for the peacefulness and joy they bring. How WONDERFUL!!! JESUS BRINGS US PEACE AND JOY!!! How wonderfully fascinating!!!

I find it fascinating that now that I am learning about the essential oils that they STILL fit as gifts to Our King!!!


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Just Pure Lovely said...

You're right, that is fascinating. Thanks for sharing that!

Merry Christmas! ~ Lori