Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's Doings

Today was a no school day. We met at a friend's house with several other girls the same age (5-8yr) and made cArds to bring to a local nursing home.

We went during the lunch time to hand out the cards. So we went from table to table talking, saying "Happy Thanksgiving" and shaking hands. Sadly, we had not made enough cards and a few went back to their room cardless. I will make sure next time to have extra cards that my girls made at home so we do NOT run out.

JJ was of course a HUGE hit with EVERYONE, even the older men! Most surprising was EE. She was SO talkative to EVERYONE! She was curtsying to all and listening and responding to everyone. She liked it so much, she wants to go back!!! I LOVE it! I think we are going to try to find a regular time to go. It was really nice for the girls to be with older women. I want them to have respect for their elders. EE was having so much fun that we were actually the last to leave! All the other moms and girls had left. LOL!!

Then it was shopping day. We got some good deals which was GREAT! But it took a long time, so by the time we got home, it was time to make dinner and head to bed. The children were all so well behaved. It was a good day today.

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