Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's Doings

Well, today (and tomorrow) I am taking part in a teleconference on raising daughters. I will **TRY** to put up the link tomorrow morning (it starts at 9CT) if I get a hold of it (it is not the same as today's was). So today was "movie and exploration day" for school. I got movie days in public school, why can't they kids have movie day at home school? :D

But I did manage to run some errands (which includes FINALLY mailing off my mother/daughter swap package to my partner), get two loads of laundry done and organize some more books (adding them to my Library Thing (see left hand column, somewhere near the bottom). As far as wanting to get things done in the bedroom, I DID NOT FORGET!! :) I removed some of my crochet items and yarn and sewing things. I also moved the computer out of the bedroom. I think that will be a big help in getting things done AND give me less time on the computer (which I really should take). Now to goto bed and put my foot up because my toe is REALLY hurting. :(

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