Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Idle Hands Be Gone (Today's Doings)

Today was a field trip. First, we bought food to bring to the local Rescue Mission (and got a free meal for every 2 cans of non-perishables we brought in). Then we went to a local Christian organization that helps end poverty in the name of Christ. It was awesome and really made an impact on the kids.

My broken toe has been hurting more than normal. I did press myself this weekend in cleaning, so that might have something to do with it. I really want to clean the house before my mom arrives in three weeks.

It has been SOOOO nice not having idle hands!!! I never realized just how much time I had been wasting on the computer until I put the computer in a room of the house that was not so easily accessible. I have been able to make more potholders (Ravelry Link). I just LOVE these potholders!!!! And my new FAVORITE thing (that I have been waiting for my camera card so I can take pictures for you, but feel I just HAVE to share with you NOW) are TAWASHIES!

So what are tawashies? TO WASHI the dishes of course!!! But seriously. These things are GREAT!! There is a VERY simple pattern out there for a spiral scrubbie (ravelry link to mine with notes, and a direct link to pdf). These things may look like they don't work, but they DO!! Incredibly well!! I love these things!! And they work up so fast and easy!! They use so little yarn! These things have been GREAT on my cast iron! I use it on my pizza stone and my one piece of coveted Le Creuset (which I got at an estate sale for $15!). ALL with FANTASTIC results! I use it on the counter, tile, and bathroom - these things are THE BEST! When they need cleaning, I throw them all (but the special one for cast iron that sometimes gets really greasy) in the washing machine! The cast iron, greasy one, I throw in the dishwasher, or because these are so fast and easy to make, I just throw it out and make a new one. They also worked GREAT on baked on grease (with little soap or water). In fact, they are so loved in Japan because they do work so well with little soap and need little water!

I am currently taking pre-orders (yes, I will be selling these beauties for those who don't want to make them) in fantastic autumn colors or Christmas green and red and gold. 3 for $8 (that includes shipping). Just let me know your color preference in the comments, how many you are wanting (in sets of three please) as well as your email. It will NOT be published. :)

I have also had time to READ! I LOVE to read!!! I am currently reading Stepping Heavenward (which I got FREE on Paperback Swap) as well as a little booklet a friend loaned me called The Tribulation and The Church. I am am also able to read my Bible more, which is WONDERFUL!!! And most importantly of all, I am enjoying my children more. We are doing even more together. And it is wonderful!

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