Thursday, November 6, 2008

Today's Doings

School: Bible, Hymn (I'll Fly Away), History/Christian Biographies (George Muller), Math, Art, Home Economics, Writing, Reading

I feel bad because I did not get much done today. Because of my over-doing it yesterday (thinking because my toe felt better, I could catch up on all that had NOT been done), I have been having to take pain meds (I HATE having to take pain meds) since 2AM. :(

But I did manage to have a LOT of tying strings with the kids today!!! :D LOTS of giggles and tickles and smiles. JJ put on a puppet show (and everytime he made the cow growl, all of us girls screamed and huddled together, which only made him smile bigger and bigger). AA is making a doll house from old cereal boxes. And we are planning an old fashioned knitting bee at our house for next week on Friday.

I made my bed, caught up on some reading, folded the laundry I hung up yesterday and put it away, made dinner (all from things I already had in my pantry), and I tidied JJ's room (this HAS to be kept up because of his reactive airway disease). I also got some crocheting done and am SO EXCITED to share with you (in a future post, this project NEEDS pictures) all about what I am crocheting! These things are FABULOUS! SO quick and easy to make and SO USEFUL!!! I just love 'em!

Things I am thankful for:
How BEAUTIFUL my girls sound when they sing together! I think it is more a heart thing because I know they will never sell get any recording contracts (if you know what I mean). :D
JJ LOVES to sing. It was so cute hearing him try to sing along this morning during hymn time!!!
That I have a foot. Even though I never knew the FIERY pain of a broken toe could be so debilitating, I am thankful I still have a foot!

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