Friday, November 21, 2008

Three's Company ... Today's Doings

Since we did not have school yesterday (field trip), and my beloved has all next week off, AND we are having a family over for Thanksgiving AND my mom will be here just days afterwards .... there was no school today either in order to prepare and clean the house.

I have noticed that my children LOVE to be around others. They will talk your ear off if given the chance (thankfully the ladies at the nursing home LOVED having their ears talked off yesterday). They quite regularly talk Daddy's ear off! LOL!!

Someone mentioned a fear that they are not getting enough attention at home for them to be so needy of it from others. That was REALLY hard on me and has affected me for quite some time. I even asked a friend about it.

My children have individual date nights with Daddy and Mommy Daughter time. I spend alone time with each of the children, and they spend a LOT of time playing and enjoying each other. I do think though, that being in a larger family, they LOVE the company. They LOVE talking and interacting with others.

In fact, I noticed that they work BETTER in cleaning up when someone else is there with them. Not just Mommy supervising, but even each other, working together. They love to be social and interact with SOMEONE. :)

I know for myself, that I am a HUGE people person. I LOVE to be with and talk with others. And I especially LOVE being with my kids. I miss the NOISE when they are silent for too long. I love to hear them laughing. I love to hear them all talking at once in excitement as they each talk about what cereal they want, and would you please pass the milk. I love the clamor of everyone talking and getting dishes set on the table to start dinner. I love the business and gathering of our family. But yes, I also love seeing them SLEEP, or all sitting down reading quietly. Just don't stay quiet too long my little ones! Momma LOVES interacting with you!!!

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