Monday, November 3, 2008

Current Web Readings

Handcrafted Christmas: Signs
OK, yes, I LOVE Monica's blog! She always has great stuff on there. I have been enjoying her Handcrafted Christmas series, but REALLY liked her one on signs. SHE IS SO CREATIVE!

The Woman's Guide to herbal Medicine
This book is AMAZING! It is hailed by most in the herbal community as a must have resource. Sadly, it has been out of print. But the author has put the whole book online FOR FREE! WOO HOO!!! Go and grab it while you can!!! :)

Three Sisters Garden
We recently ate a meal called Three Sisters. It was corn, squash and beans. Add maple syrup and walnuts and YUMMO! So I tried to find the recipe online and instead found a new way of gardening! This is SO NEAT! I love the lessons as well as the how to save seeds to replant the following year.

Happy Hearts Homeschool Library
YES, you CAN homeschool for FREE! This homeschooling mom is AMAZING! She finds the BEST books that are FREE online that can be used for homeschooling! She even has categories so you can search!! WOW OH WOW!! This is a MUST have resource for the frugal homeschooling mom like me!!! :) I have already put this into my RSS feed reader!!

Making It On One Income
I am so LOVING this new blog!! (Well, new to ME!) This post is EXCELLENT and has some ideas I had not thought of before!

Tea Bag Rockets

7 steps to reducing TV time
GREAT ideas and links!

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