Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today's Doings

Not that I will do this EVERY day, but for now and hopefully more frequently than once I week, I want to write a short post about what I did during the day. Hopefully to come with pictures in the future.

School: Bible, hymns (I'll Fly Away), Catechism, copywork, history (election), reading
School is cut short due to MM being sick and needing LOTS of Mommy time
Encouraged the girls in cleaning kitchen (they did a REALLY good job, I am so proud of them!)
Girls wrote letters and did art
I cleaned up part of the closet, hung my clothes and organized all my sweaters, did two loads of laundry (hanging one to dry), organized the entire pantry, changed the menu for the week to fit to use what we already had in pantry, organized two sets of cupboards, did the dishes, cleaned the sink and then had to stop because I was not taking care of my broken toe and it was now hurting

Things I am thankful for:
I have four beautiful children whose smiles brighten my every day
I have a Lord who is still on the throne!
I did something today!

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