Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Sweethearts: Keep It Clean

I was recently at a friend's house. We left and she cut our visit short saying she had to clean. I commented that her house was spotless. It was already clean. She laughed and said that she has learned after 13 years of marriage that this is what her husband NEEDS.

I found it interesting she used the word "need." You see, my husband has only recently in our last year of marriage complained of my attempt at keeping house. I never had to clean growing up, and yet, when we got married, I refused to allow my beloved to clean because I felt that was my responsibility.

Well I was (am still am in many ways) HORRIBLE at keeping house. I have piles of things here and there. I try with the best of intentions to make sure there are no dishes in the sink when I go to bed at night, but two days later there are dishes not only in the sink, but piled so high that they are overflowing onto the counter and being left at the table and piling up there too!

So I start a plan to make sure the girls keep things clean. A plan to make sure I keep things clean. But the girls and I always fall behind. And honestly, it is my fault.

But lately, I have felt convicted that I NEED to keep the house clean, for my beloved. It is something HE needs. The master bedroom is now almost all furniture and clothing and IT FEELS GREAT!!! The girls are really like the PEGS system for helping to remind them to keep things clean and when THEY keep things clean, it is easier for ME to keep things clean.

And you know what, my beloved is HAPPIER! He wants to be home. He has always wanted to be with us, his family. But now, now he wants to be HOME too. :) It is wonderful. I never would have known that a clean house would have made such a difference in my beloved. It is a motivation to keep it this way. And motivation for the kids to keep it this way too. :)

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