Friday, February 1, 2008

TV or Not TV or maybe just Digital TV

Just another way to force us to buy something. On Feb 17, 2009 all over the air broadcasting will switch to digital broadcasting. That's not news as we have known for quite a while that it will happen.

Two things you need to know:

1- you do NOT NOT NOT NOT N_O_T have to buy a new TV that receives digital broad casting.

2 - you _MIGHT_ have to buy a converter box if you want to continue to watch TV.

HOWEVER, you do NOT have to pay full price for one. The Consumerist has a great article explaining things more in depth as well as a link to the coupon for your new converter box.

OK, so our TV is from 1992 LOL and will most likely need the digital converter. To me, I am thinking that this might be a wonderful way God is helping all those families who said they did not want to watch TV to actually NOT watch TV. :) Be careful what you wish for!! :)

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