Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Raising Children With Financial Peace

AA: (during a Dave Ramsey talk show) Momma, are we debt free?

Sadly, no honey.

AA: So we have debt?

Yes honey.

AA: Mommy, what does borrowing mean?

It means that if you want to buy a book that costs $5, but you only have $1 you goto the bank and ask to BORROW $4. And even though they give you $4, you have to pay them back (that is why it is called BORROWING) with what is called interest. Sometimes the interest is high. So you borrow $4 from the bank, but you have to pay them back $8. And if you don't pay them back in a certain amount of time, they can add more and more money that you have to give them back.

AA: Well if you had $8 you wouldn't have to do that, you could just buy the book.

That is right, but what if you don't have $8?

AA: You save up for it!

WOOHOO!!! Dave Ramsey is having an affect on our children. I think Dave Ramsey needs to have a show where parents can call in when their children are getting it and instead of screaming WE'RE DEBT FREE we can scream WE'RE CHANGING OUR FAMILY TREE!!!! :)

Three things I am thankful for:
*a daughter who strives to please us (and I pray that she will desire to please the Lord above all and not allow her desire to please to allow her to be used or for wrongdoing)
*the ability and desire to learn and to change
*pizza (they don't all have to be deep do they?) LOL!!! :) YUMMO!!!


Meredith said...

Paula, what a wonderful idea! You should email that to the Dave Ramsey team.

It may be a long time before families can be debt free, but you're right--they're changing their family tree as they go.

Good job, Mom!

Laura of Harvest Lane said...

Praise God!
If we can save our children from the slavery we've been in, it will all be worth it.
Good job, Momma!

Laura of Harvest Lane