Monday, February 4, 2008

Jan 2008 Report

So how did we do for the month of Janurary?

We saved $30 on our utility bill! Only one week of that had us at 60 from 7pm to 7am. Before that we were doing 65 day and night. And we did have one week where it was at 68 (was my mom visiting). Near the end of the month we also turned off the gas fireplace and turned off the gas to it completely. I wonder how much you lose just having the pilot lit??

Also, the past week I have kept the thermostat at 60 all day instead of turning it up during the day. And you know what! I noticed that the house was getting up to 63-65 all by itself!!! :) That sun comes up and we let it in the house to warm us up, then when the sun goes away, we shut the blinds to keep the heat in. :)

And we kept to the budget! We even had money to pay off some of our credit card debt!!! :) We cut it nearly in half!

I was also able to get the activation fee dropped on our new cell phone service simply by asking. I simply called up customer service (they have more power than the people in the store) and said "I am a new customer after switching from Verizon, and was wondering if you would drop the activation fee as a way of saying welcome and thank you for choosing AT&T." They were more than happy to as a way to "get us off on the right foot." That saved us about $40. :)

We saved $80 this month that we normally would have just spent. And we stuck to the budget allowing us to pay off nearly half our credit card debt.

Three things I am thankful for:
*JJ running around saying "knock knock" because he has heard SO MANY knock knock jokes from his sisters - WAY cute!
*the girls finding humor in eyeballs. EVERYTHING ends with eyeballs around here lately - even the knock knock jokes.
knock knock - who's there - banana - banana who - banana with eyeballs
*rolling around on the floor with my children in laughter so wonderful and full that our checks hurt

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