Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday's Fun: Stockpiling Day

The other day was such fun! The girls and I made two quiches (for the freezer) and a peach pie (freezer? are you kidding?) of which half was eaten and raved about. :)

The Quiches
I had gotten 4 dozen organic eggs at $1.50 each and they needed to be used and FAST. I had already boiled a dozen, and used a dozen in one nights dinner (breakfast tacos).

So I decided to try quiche. I have never made it before, but love it. I found a recipe for Caramelized Onion Quiche and made it. I did not have red onions, only yellow. So I did as someone did in the comments and used some brown sugar on the onions. OH they looked and smelled so good!! I used her recipe for the crust and I added an extra egg. Because of the cost of the cheese she recommended, I made one of the quiches with Swiss (the girls LOVED the holes in the cheese). :)

They cooked up so wonderfully well. They browned nicely, the crust did not burn, and they did not overflow! YUMMO!!!! Freezing was easy. After cooking, I put them uncovered (I did not know how to do this until after I read about it) until frozen, then wrapped in freezer paper and foil and put into a plastic freezer bag. They freeze for two months. I took pen and wrote date to use by as well as reheating directions (do not thaw, cook 20-25 minutes in a 350F preheated oven).

The only bad thing was it did take a LONG time. There is chilling the dough as well as putting it in the freezer for a bit. I was also sad it did not even use a dozen eggs up. But now I know that with that recipe, it will take THREE quiches to use up all those eggs. I wish I had made more crusts. I made all the crusts at once (even the peach pie double ones).

The Peach Pie:
I love All Recipes for recipes. The recipes are rated AND the comments have the BEST tips in them.

I used the most starred Peach Pie recipe and not only was it simple, it was GOOD! It was the perfect Valentine's day treat, and a great way to use up the organic peaches I had gotten and cut up and froze during the summer. I left the skins on, and you honestly could not tell a difference in the way the pie came out. YUMMO!!

I used the pie crust recipe from the onion quiche recipe above. But I added 1 1/2 tsp sugar (for more sweet). I used 1/4 cup COLD shortening (from Spectrum - not Crisco) and 4 TBSP frozen butter.

A little tip about butter. I cut a BUNCH of sticks into tablespoons and stick them in the freezer. It is a great way to keep the butter cold while making crusts (the colder the butter the better the crust). I keep a ziploc freezer bag of these in the fridge now, ever ready for making pie crusts! :)

With the pie, I did like the comments suggested and added 1 heaping Tablespoon cornstarch, used 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup white, and though I am NOT a cinnamon person, added the touch of cinnamon suggested. WOW this pie came out GOOOD! And it did not boil over!!! The girls raved about it!

Our children learn by our example. So far, I have been a horrible example to them of cooking from scratch and stockpiling. This was a wonderful time to spend TOGETHER in not only baking, but stockpiling. They wondered why we were not eating the quiches right away. I got to explain about buying eggs on sale and making food for the future. :) So not only did we have a fun time together, I was able to pass on something important to my children. :) WOOHOO!!!

Three things I am thankful for:
*slippery soap in baby's hands
*the awe and wonder in JJ's eyes at slippery soap
*the giggles that filled our house for 20 minutes of soapy fun :)

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