Monday, February 11, 2008

Finance - What I Am Currently Reading - UPDATED

Meredith does it again. If you are not subscribed to her blog ... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!! Now if only I can find those second hand down comforters and at that price (or better)!! :) Great post on keeping warm at night. Well, ok, the link you follow is the great post. ;D And while there BE SURE to check out HER PODCASTS!! Oh Meredith, THANK YOU!!! :)

How To Haggle has some GREAT tips on haggling a price. This can work ANYWHERE! Garage sales, thrift stores, even higher end brand name stores!
HT: The Consumerist

$800 annual budget for a family of 4 is AMAZING! She takes $800 at the beginning of the year and that is her budget! I am just looking around and cannot tell if this is just for groceries (including toiletries and cleaning) or if it includes clothes and such too. OH this is so inspiring!!! (UPDATED - OH man this girl is SO NICE!! She takes time to answer questions you have in her comments!!! And she is NICE about it!! :) The budget is only for food and HBA, clothing and other items are not included. But still, GREAT GREAT SITE! I have read all the previous entries and comments.)
HT: Common Sense With Money

Three things I am thankful for:
*JJ loves to dance
*MM and EE doing somersaults in the living room
*AA is such a young lady and I am so proud of her

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