Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday's Fun: Pizza Movie Night or how to nev er pay to rent a movie again

Seems everyone has Pizza Movie Night on Friday night. LOL!!!

Unless it is a no TV week for us, we too have a pizza movie night on Fridays. Here is how you can save money AND have fun doing it.

Make your own pizza. We currently buy a pizza mix (a gluten free mix) to make pizza crusts (we REALLY like Namaste). But there are PLENTY of sites out there with directions on how to make your own pizza crust (especially if you are not doing the gluten free thing). :) I have not been able to make my own GF pizza crust from scratch yet. Allow the children to HELP make the crusts! Make it part of the night. :)

We allow the children to make their OWN pizzas. They get to put the sauce on, and we have toppings in little bowls on the table for them to add their own toppings.

Now for the movie part. Redbox is only $1 a night BUT they FREQUENTLY come out with free rental coupons! You can do a google search for REDBOX COUPON and almost always find one. :) You can also sign up with places like Blockbuster and get coupons for free rentals.

Our library also has movies. New releases are available first come first serve (called Rapid View) and you can check it out for three days!! This is how we got a hold of Meet The Robinsons, Miss Potter and several other movies. :) For those movies that are so popular we never seem to catch them in the Rapid View, we can put a hold on the movie and check it out for a week when it comes in (this is how we got a hold of In Debt We Trust, A Night At The Museum and others.)

And don't forget there is always borrowing from your neighbor. Maybe you have a movie they would really like to see and they have one you would really like to see. You can swap. :)

Doing these things, we have not paid for a movie rental in almost two years. :)

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