Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Faith Of A Child

The other night we lost our dog. When we got home and she was gone, the girls were obviously very upset. They kept talking about the dog and wanting the dog. I told them that they only thing they could do was to pray.

And so they each went their own way to pray. Not a two minutes later EE came up to me and said "God told me where Sandi was. She's in a house."

Now I am thinking that EE, our little story teller, has gone a bit far this time. You don't say "God told me..." unless GOD TOLD YOU.

So I reprimanded her. "If the dog was in a house, someone would have called by now" I said. A few minutes go by. She looked across the street at a lit house. "I think that is the house Momma."

Now I know she has gone too far. The lady who lives across the street is a wonderful lady who definitely would have either called or brought our dog back by now.

This time, thankfully, I don't say anything.

Not five minutes later did that very neighbor show up with our dog. "Someone let her in my house."

Oh Lord, forgive me for not having the faith of a child and not having faith in her. And more importantly, thank you, not only for answering a little girl's prayer, but for speaking to her. Please let her be open to You all her days in all her ways. And allow her to always hear You.

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