Thursday, February 28, 2008

A letter to AA

Dearest Darling AA,

We love to hear your prayers. And last night you blessed our hearts with yours. The library is giving away tickets to see Prince Caspian in the movie theater. But tickets are limited and we have to finish reading the book first. You LOVE Narnia and all the books. So we are reading through Prince Caspian chapters at a time to finish in time to get tickets.

Last night you prayed:
Lord, I really want to see the Prince Caspian movie. If you want me to go, I pray that we will be able to get tickets. And if you don't want me to go, that we won't get tickets.

Your prayer was longer, asking for health for all of us and for Mommy (who is pretty sick right now), but I don't remember much after that part of your prayer.

We pray that you will ALWAYS be so willing to follow the Lord and His will for your life. We pray that you will be accepting and joyful when God's answer is no, and not just praise Him when His answer is yes. We pray that you will continue to seek God's will in everything, no matter how small the matter seems. God wants you to follow His will in ALL areas of our lives.

You are such a blessing to us (as are all of you children). You are so loved and so wanted. And nothing you can do will make up stop loving you. Just as you can never be separated from the love of God, we agape you. And it is our deepest desire that you will continue and never stop walking in the love and service and will of God.

Agape, Your Loving Momma

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