Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday's Three Things Finance

Three things I learned about finances this past week:

With some stores you can use a coupon on each item you buy even if you have a buy one get one (B1G1). I was able to buy two products, get one free, and use two manufactures coupons (one for each product). This made the products near free. Not every store will allow you to do this. Be sure to follow the rules of the store you are shopping at.

When you are shopping at your grocery store, be sure to use your member card. Skip a week or two before going back. They will think you have stopped shopping there. When you go back, you will usually get a coupon for a certain amount of dollars off your next visit. :) They want to keep you coming back. :) So planning and shopping every two or three weeks instead of every week might get you some extra dollars off your next visit. :)

Also, check with your local grocery stores. Our King Soopers mails me a monthly flyer with coupons for products that I am likely to buy (organic and natural). And there is usually a coupon for so many dollars off if my total is so much dollars (like my current one is $7 off any purchase of $70 or more). I also have coupons for organic produce (WOOHOO!) as well as Morning Star, Nature Made and organic eggs! (True, not something I learned THIS week, but relevant as most of this post is about grocery savings). :)

Three links to help you with your finances:

I just have to put a plug in again for Organic Grocery Deals (please use my username lvg4him when signing up). I have been exploring the site more and all I can say is WOW! I just signed up for a bunch of FREE SAMPLES for products I have always wanted to try (like Seventh Generation). I also have been exploring their coupon database. You can search for a brand you like (or need). I found two printable sites for coupons for Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes - $1 off 1. Right now Walmart is selling the cans for $1.16. So I am getting organic tomatoes for 16 cents a can! WOOHOO!!! :) This site is saving me so much money on organics and other natural products!! :) I am so excited! And to think, it is all FREE!!!!! :)

I mentioned earlier about Sense to Save's way of grocery shopping. Here is a site to help you with that. It is called Super Cook. List the ingredients you have on hand, and it will list recipes you can make. I pretended I had only two ingredients on hand. Chocolate and butter. And I was led to a recipe for !! It got some pretty good reviews! There were nine other recipes I could make immediately with just those two ingredients! :)

When Organics and Conventional Produce Prices Are The Same. For YEARS now, especially in the summer, even BEFORE I went to Farmer's Markets, I have been buying organic produce for the same price or LESS than conventional. FOR YEARS! So many people have the wrong mindset that just because it is organic means it has to cost more.

Three financial links for articles I have read recently:

Finding The Fun In Financial Planning

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Bankrate's 2008 Tax Guide

Three things I am thankful for:
*How willing JJ is to help out around the house (today he took his snotty tissues to the trash without even being asked)
*How wonderful the girls are with JJ. That boy is going to make one good and understanding husband (and father to girls) God willing
*How nice a handmade quilt looks in the sunshine

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Teri in CO said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I guess I didn't realize you were in Colorado! I saw King Soopers and thought you must be (I read on google reader)... and sure enough, you are!

From a fellow Coloradan...