Friday, January 11, 2008

Update on JJ

I thought I would just send a mass email updating everyone on JJ.

He is about 24 pounds now (possibly 25 by the time his next appointment rolls around). (Remember he was 16 pounds at 17 months.) He is eating well for the most part. Some days he acts like he will eat us out of house and home, and others he does nothing but drink. We still have not really gotten him to eat any sources of meat for his protein. I have tried most all forms of meat cooked in different ways. I have discovered that while he doesn’t eat most fish, he will eat sardines. :) LOL!

His spoken vocabulary now includes doggie, baby, up, no thank you, and help. He is still signing and picking up new signs. The therapists are worried that he is not speaking as many words as a child his age should, but Brian and I are not worried. He has more words in his vocabulary than EE did at her second birthday. And look at EE now!! :) She has an extensive vocabulary. :) JJ has a willingness and want to communicate, so the therapists are VERY pleased with that. They say he is very social (and every one there just adores him). :D

His physical and occupational therapy is going very well. They are always extremely pleased with the progress he makes while at home. This is good because I know that while we were in the hospital, they were very concerned that he would not be able to thrive at home with 3 other sisters competing with mom for attention and a mom who homeschools. They set a few goals for JJ to meet, and at his last appointment he had done all the ones they shared with me (I am not sure if they had more or not). They were surprised and told me that they had expected for it to take him "much much longer to achieve those goals".

He is so very happy. He almost always has a smile on his face that goes from ear to ear. There are those moments where he gets frustrated with his sisters or with a toy that won’t do what he wants it to. :) But he is so very sweet and loving and caring. He really is a little Brian in that way. :) He has taken to having to do everything Daddy does (and everything his sisters do too). If Daddy is sitting somewhere in a certain way, JJ has to sit right next to him in the same way. JJ will toddle along following Brian wherever he goes. It can get quite funny when Brian realizes JJ is following him and will walk in circles just to see what Josiah does. :)

All in all, JJ is doing well. The doctors are pleased. His therapists are pleased. His sisters are so happy to be with Josiah. And Mommy and Daddy could not be more blessed or more proud.

Blessings, Paula

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