Thursday, January 17, 2008

Eating What You Have

I am so blessed. I have three wonderful girls that are eating lentil soup. I have a TON of lentils because I would always buy some thinking I did not have any. So since we are trying not to buy anything, I made lentil soup. Lentil, watered down chicken broth (to make it last), herbs, some frozen corn and some frozen onion, carrot and celery (soup starter). They are asking for seconds. :)

Three things I am thankful for:
Lentils :)
Grateful girls who are also very polite (when they want to be)
The mouse in the backyard (which JJ enjoys watching hop on the snow to eat, then off the snow to warm his feet - and now JJ says "Mou" so another word "Mouse" has been added to his vocabulary)

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