Thursday, January 10, 2008

Retrain Your Brian

When we no longer have a use for something, we usually think of only two options, both include getting rid of the item. Either give it away or sell it. Well, sadly for me, there is also the third option of throw it away. But I am starting to learn the value of another option.

REPURPOSING! The old adage of "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" really has much more meaning to me now. I already shared about how I finally made croutons from dry bread that I normally would have just thrown out.

Meredith shares about how she keeps from accumulating too much (love it!) as well as about how she repurposes.

And Rebecca talks about how she made over a dress. MY goodness girlfriend that is so beautiful!! I need to learn how to do that! Do share!!! How do you train your mind to think of these things?

And Monica shares how she repurposes too. Here too!

Why is is so hard to repurpose things? Why do we get into this mentality of an object has one and only one use? I loved Meredith's idea of using an old cloth napkin as a basket liner. I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT! So simple, yet a great way to make it do. :)

This brain of mine needs to be re-trained to see these things differently. I have always known you could reuse old sheets for fabric. Cut them up for matching napkins and placemats. Make a dress out of it. But I need help retraining for all the OTHER things!!! I need to get in the mentality of:
Am I able to sell this and make some god money?
Or do I know someone who is in need of this item?
If not,
Am I able to barter this item for something else I need/want more?
Or can I find another way to re-use this item?

I wonder if there is a board out there where you share items you have that you are thinking of getting rid of, and everyone tells you all the great things you can do with it. Maybe they have even done something similar themselves and have a picture or a tutorial or a pattern. :) Heck, you might even be able to barter the new item you made from the old item that nobody wanted. :) Wouldn't THAT be cool???

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Rebecca said...

I had to chuckle at the title of this post...I know you meant Brain but your fingers typed Brian-which I believe it your hubbies name. I had to laugh because I thought you were going to try to retrain your hubby-which we all know is an impossible task! :-) LOL

AS I wrote in the dress post, it was seeing that rip in the top of it that made me want to revamp it. I wouldn't encourage anyone to buy something in order to revamp it. ONly because it often is bought with great intentions but then never done anything with...and ends up being just clutter. I would say, start with what you HAVE first and foremost. Something you don't need or want anymore-before you throw it away or drop it off at the thrift store, first think about using it or changing it to make something really wonderful.

For example. My Panda has a pair of corduroy pants that the snaps in the crotch area never stay closed anymore. I am going to make him some mittens out of them. My hubby has a pair of cords that no longer fit him and I thought it would be worthwhile to save those because there is LOTS more cordoroy fabric in them...surely I can make SOMETHING out of it. I am thinking a newsboy cap for Andrew and some slippers. Cordoroy is very expensive in the stores I am going to FIND uses for it! :-)

The better you get at recreating things that you own-the more creative your mind becomes. Only THEN should you Carefully choose things you see elsewhere to buy in order to revamp!

Thanks for thinking the dress was nice. AS you probably understand, ANY dress at all in size 7 or 8 in near impossible to find, especially a non-sleezy one! :-)