Friday, January 11, 2008


Writing that update on JJ (below) reminds me of just how much life has changed around here and how different life is now that all that has happened.

We have to carry a throw-up cup every where we go with JJ. An epi pen also has to go whenever he goes. Which means we have to be very careful about what he eats and what he might get a hold of and put in his mouth.

We are not able to eat out nearly as often (nor as easily) as before. We have not found a restaurant that has anything he can have. :( Salad bars are the closest because he can have several of the fruits and veggies.

Whenever he coughs, he has to be "hit" in the chest (in just the right way the therapist showed me) several times. This is very difficult in public as it does attract a lot of negative attention.

And as JJ is getting older and wanting to eat what Mommy and sisters are eating, making meals is getting more and more difficult. He has the oddest food allergies (who is allergic to garlic I ask you?! and garlic is in almost everything prepackaged!! not to mention a favorite we like to use when cooking) so that makes it difficult to find food/recipes. I just joined a food allergy group on yahoo and am hopeful to get some MEALS to make.

I am on the phone several times a month with either the insurance company or doctors (still no word on the huge hospital bill that no one knows what is happening with) trying to sort out co-payments and money due and money I already gave you (do you need to see the receipt?). Thankfully I have saved us a lot of money doing this.

I don't think God ever wants us to be comfortable. When we are comfortable we are not growing. I heard someone say that with some things, we rise up on wings like eagles. With some things we run and don't grow weary. And some things we just endure like Paul says... Just pick up your cross every day and carry it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,

I read this entry; and, my heart went out to you. I've not read your past entries; so, I don't know exactly what you're up against. I was reminded of my oldest son who, as a small child, would throw up with no provocation, just spontaneously. It made it really hard to go places. I was always so embarrassed (young mom). Bless your heart!

LORD, I pray peace, patience, calmness and trust for Paula and her husband. I pray health, healing, growth, development, speech, and your perfect will for JJ. I praise you that You knew JJ while still in his momma's womb. None of this surprises You. Bring encouragement to this family, Lord.

God bless!
Laura of Harvest Lane
Happy at Home