Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tuesday Link Up

OK, so I totally forgot Tuesdays are when I share links. LOL!! SO just pretend yesterday's post is todays and today's post is yesterdays. :D

While I currently do not knit, I plan to learn some day (just like I taught myself to crochet). So, until then, I will just admire the adorable free knitting patterns for tea party food.

I would have never thought of felted soap.

This post reminds us of our worth in Christ and not in a blog.


I got this in my email from a local friend who is the originator of the email and am passing it along for those of you who might now someone or are someone with a BOA CC.

We've been going through our credit card statement online today and reconciling it with the holiday shopping receipts we have. We found a couple of charges for $10.65 from ilicsolutions and alana designs- we did not buy anything from these places! after doing a quick google search we discovered that there are a lot of people who have been charged this same amount by the same people or others using another company name during the days of 12/10- 12/12. The charges on our statement were made on 12/10. You need to dispute the charges with BOA if you have them as they are a scam. Someone has evidently compromised the BOA sales records for those days and harvested the CC numbers.
So, go check your statement and look for any charges of $10.65 that you didn't make!

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Patty said...

Love the tea party item patterns, so cute.
Thats amazing about the BOA accounts.