Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday's Fun: Just Do IT!

With my kids enjoying crafts, they got a lot of crafts this year (and from years past). I know that I have the best of intentions when I get them the craft kits, or when they receive them from others. "SURE Momma will help you make it." But then life gets in the way and I forget, or get "too busy" (how can anyone be too busy for their kids?) or worry too much about the mess that will follow.

My girls have proved themselves time and time again. The excitement of a craft gives them the encouragement to clean it up when done. I always remind them BEFORE we begin the craft that at the end, there must be a clean up, and they always come through - even without being reminded again at the end!

And yet I still hesitate. Silly me!!!

So today we took out one craft and worked on it, together. It was a wonderful tying strings with my girls!! And not only were we tying strings, but Momma was faithful to her word.

I still have a box full of craft kits to do in the future with the girls. Something to pull out on those rainy days where they are stir crazy and Momma is going crazy. :) Just a little reminder to DO those little kits with your kids. They won't remember how it looked (because TRUST ME - it will not look like something to remember), but what they will remember, the TIME you spent WITH them.... that will stay with them for life.

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