Monday, January 7, 2008

Reclaimed: Entertainment Center

I posted this on another group and wanted to share with you. It is in association with a blog called Reclaiming The Home.
The question posed was:

"How did you reclaim your home today?"

This was my answer:

I reclaimed the entertainment center. The DVD’s! They were a MESS! So I had the girls help and we reorganized them, we even decluttered some! Then I have some books that are FULL of TV free activities that I keep right next to the TV. I organized those so they would be easier to access. Then we went through and got rid of all the VHS’s we had bought DVD’s (don’t need TWO of the same movie now that the oldest can put in and take out a DVD properly). :)

I placed all the scrapbooks in an easy to reach spot (yes, we have a LOT of storage in our entertainment center). :) It is so important for me to capture all these moments with them because I know that I look at my mother’s and grandmother’s pictures and wonder who/what/where and no one knows. And now my grandmother has passed away. The girls LOVE looking at themselves when they were younger (look at that - you DID love your sister at one time!). :) I also put all the hiking with kids books next to the TV free activity books. A reminder that when the weather gets better to not watch the TV but go take a HIKE! :)

I also found out that I had MORE than enough space to add some of the daily homeschooling books as well as the Bible I have been reading through with the children. I did not realize I had so much space!!! Now it looks and feels so nice! And I was able to clean up some books that had just been lying around in the living room and put them in the entertainment center! Yah!!

Now onto reclaiming the living room!!!


devildogwife said...

Great job! I'm working on reclaiming my living room at the moment as well.

Meredith said...

Thanks for introducing me to that question!

That sounds exactly what I feel like when I make space in my own home.

Dianna said...

I reclaimed my living room a few weeks ago.... but it took over again! Funny - same thing happens all the time with my computer desk. Thankfully, I have all rights over my kitchen sink. If I had to reclaim it, I'd be in trouble! LOL.