Thursday, January 24, 2008

Train Up A Child...Financially!

OK Daddy, don't read this post until Sunday!

I am so proud of AA! The other day we were in Michael's and AA saw a book that she knew her Daddy would love. It was $14.99. She had wished that Daddy was there with her so he could SEE the book. (I love how she just wanted him to SEE it. She did not even ask to buy it for Daddy.)

Well, two days later, she saw a paperback version of the book for one dollar in the clearance bin! Well, she had one dollar (we have not worked on the whole tax thing yet, so Nana - my mom who is visiting - paid the tax). She asked if she could buy it, and I said it was her spending money, she could spend it on whatever she wanted. She was SO HAPPY she could get that book for her Daddy. As soon as we got home, she took it downstairs and wrapped it. (I love the fact that she spent her money on someone other than herself. Come to think of it, she uses her spending money for others quite often! YEAH!)

Later that night, she commented to me how she was just like the boy in the book. I was not sure what book she was talking about. She said it was the boy who went to the carnival. The online version of the Dave Ramsey book! I need to go find ALL my Dave Ramsey children's books and read them again and again! LOL!!!

She told me how she was smart and did not waste money, but had found a good bargain. I am so proud of her. Now I can only PRAY that the man God blesses her with is as smart about finances! I do not want them to ever be in debt.

Three things I am thankful for:
My mom helping homeschool the girls while she is visiting. The children's copywork has never looked so nice and neat!
The doctor's office was able to provide another case of Elecare, saving us $150.
My beloved

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