Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Link Up - What Else? Finances! (Updated)

So, my focus lately has been finances. I have been working really hard on learning to stretch our dollar and pinch our pennies.

Some sites that you might also find of interest:

Ever want expert advice on decorating your home, but want it for free? And want to make it happen for little to no cost? Check out Thrifty Decorating.

Freebies 4 Mom has some of the BEST coupon alerts, giveaways, and tips for using coupons. I love this site! Her favorite printable coupon site is Coupons.com. I have discovered the joy of couponing! I need to schedule some time when creating the menu (and cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc.) to go through the coupons and print and correlate them to the menu.

The Bargain Shopper Lady has GREAT deal info!!

And Hooray for Free-bates gives you all the dirt on using rebates and coupons to get products for free.


The Bargainst has some GREAT deals! Be sure to add it to your feed reader!

The Consumerist has great consumer info along with deal alerts.

I did want to add something after reading on The Consumerist about the economy. I have been listening to Dave Ramsey free online (his show airs LIVE from 2-5 EST). Since it comes on during the nap time here in CO, I have it playing in the girls room during their nap time so they can hear it too. Sometimes they have quiet time. I am amazed at the questions they ask afterwards. THEY ARE LEARNING!!!! :) Anyways, Dave has some great info about the recession that is forcasted to happen. He says it ain't happening. The definition of recession has something to do with NO GROWTH (either flatlined or declining) for 6 months or more. He says that while things have SLOWED DOWN, they are still growing. I know that hearing that made me feel a lot better. :)

Three things I am thankful for:
JJ is excelling in his physical and occupational therapies
spinach dip - my mom makes THE BEST!
we are all healthy


Dylan said...

You might consider checking out DealTaker.com for coupons. I use them a lot.

Lorelei said...

Hey Paula! Thanks for posting our link! Glad that we're helping you save your hard earned $$!