Monday, January 21, 2008

How Dave Ramsey and Paying Cash for Gas saved me $500 in one day!

I have never paid cash at the gas pump. Even when my beloved and I were trying to get our finances in order and only pay cash (which we always failed at before), we agreed that it was best to still use the credit card at the pump. Mainly because it was just so easy. And there was no fear of over spending because you were only using the credit card for however much gas could fit into your tank.

Well, as I mentioned before, we are now as serious about finances as we are about our marriage vows. Dave Ramsey says to pay cash for everything. Paying cash for everything means also paying cash at the pump.

Oh it was so cold outside. Below freezing. I would have to stay outside longer if I paid with cash (walking back and forth from the pump to the attendant). Silly, I know. But the cold does funny things to your head! LOL!! I was so tempted, but a commitment is a commitment. So inside I went.

I really needed a car wash, so I mentioned that I would also like a car wash. He said that it was their policy to warn customers that because the temperature was below freezing the windshield might crack and the store would not be responsible for a cracked windshield.

Now most people might know that, but I had no idea that the water used for carwashes was HOT water! I asked him if when someone paid with a credit card at the pump, if they were given the same warning. He said no.

Had I paid with credit card at the pump, that could have happened! Let's assume that BOTH windshields (front and back) cracked. That is a $500 deductible to get both windshields replaced! I am so thankful that I was submissive to my beloved and paid cash for gas!

While the car was filling with gas, I used the COLD water that was free to wash the windshields so I could at least see where I was driving. The car was can wait for a warmer day! :)

Three things I am thankful for:
a husband who is as committed to finances as I am
my mom who is visiting right now
the smile of my children


BarbaraLee said...

So how cold did it get? Here in MN your tongue would have stuck to both sides of the window.
I was using our state farm credit card. It gains 1% on the purchases we buy. They give you farm bucks and can be redeemable towards any state farm product. Well I thought this was great because I could make a $400 payment towards the credit card. So I was serious about using the card for this reason. But then realized that it took me 6 years to acumate this amount. It isn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

We went to the Financial Peace University last spring. It's made a difference in how we spend our money. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

I'm really glad you stopped by my blog and commented. Until I started blogging, I didn't realize how important it is to the blogger to receive comments.

God bless you as you journey to financial freedom!

Laura of Harvest Lane

Oh, by the way, I checked my blog stats this morning. My entries about saving money, thrift, etc were the ones most people were looking at. It's on our minds, isn't it?

I think I'll be posting about those types of things a little more often.