Friday, January 18, 2008

Brand Loyalty Pays Off

First, I feel the need to clarify a bit of what I wrote yesterday. You see, I have alot of my dad in me. Growing up, I felt constantly belittled by him and stupid in his eyes. I was called stupid and felt constantly asked why I didn't think. To this day I still fight those thoughts about myself. And of course what you put on yourself you tend to put on your kids. I am trying very hard to break the cycle of "stupidity" and "not thinking" in my family tree. Your prayers for that are appreciated.

Now, onto a GREAT find. I notice that in most every finance blog I read, the word TARGET comes up a LOT. A WHOLE LOT! I don't think it is because these people are boycotting Walmart (for their poor quality stuff of outsourcing to China). But because Target has finally found their niche.

While Target quality is not the best, it is a far cry above Walmart. And not only that, but their deals are better too. We do a lot of our grocery shopping (produce, cleaning supplies, baby diapers, etc.) at Walmart. They have a pretty good selection of organic produce (and in their frozen section as well with pizza's and burgers and such). There is an AWESOME coupon generator which allows you to print out multiple copies of one coupon. (please be sure to notice that the produce coupon does exclude organic) So today, in need of diapers, I headed over to Target after printing out two coupons on LUVS.

Side note: we LOVE LUVS diapers. They are the best bargain diapers we have found. The commercial they have about using the high quality high priced diapers and then realizing that Luvs is just as high quality (actually BETTER than Pampers in my opinion) but a whole lot less is SO TRUE!

So you take your Target brand coupon and your Luvs coupon clipped from the paper and get to use BOTH on the diapers! Not only that, it is store policy for most stores, and I know Target does this, that if an advertised price is left out on the shelf, they have to honor that price! Even if the sale dates have passed. Today is the 18th. The sale price advert was STILL UP even though the sale price ended on the fifth. So when my diapers rang up at full price, I politely pointed out that they still had their advert up right in front of the diapers that said they were $14.99. So they honored the price and my coupons. WOOHOO!!

Three things I am thankful for:
the Target coupon generator
Dave Ramsey
my sisters in law Katie (and I am not just saying that because she reads my blog! Lately she has shared some great advice with me that I am working on a post to share) and April (who has been very supportive during a rough time)


Renee H said...

I just love your posts. I'm actually creating an account so I can leave this comment. :)

Keep it up! I'm learning so much.
Renee Harris

BarbaraLee said...

You have got to read Joyce Meyers books. She is so awesome. She has a web site and there are show every day on conference she gives. Just check her out and look in the library. Battlefield of the mind is a great book. If it wasn't for this book I wouldn't have handled my miscarriage as well as I did or my attuided about trying to have another baby. She has a way of explaining God & the Bible that makes sense. I can't wait to get her Bible.