Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I went into the children's room to tuck them in for the night and read the catechism of the day with them (we just restarted this again, so it is still new). As I opened up the Bible, EE said "Proverbs?"

I knew that she was thinking that I was going to read the Proverbs of the day (you know, where you read the Proverbs that corresponds to the date, Proverbs 21 on the 21st and so on). And I had several thoughts at once:

1) I came in here to read and work on the catechism with you and that is what we are going to do.
2) If I read the Proverbs of the day AND try to do this, it will be too much for you girls and no one will pay attention to the catechism and we will be a day off.
3) If I try to read both, I do not have enough time and will be in here too long and not get JJ down too.

So I skipped the Proverbs of the day, which honestly I have not read to them in a long time (about a month or two).

So I am sitting here in bed listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I love her and her books and her broadcast - so godly. Anyways, she is interviewing Randy Alcorn and his book The Treasure Principle (which by the way as of this writing has 6 copies available on for free on PaperBack Swap - it had seven, but I just ordered my copy). :D

Anyways, he is talking about where your treasure in, there your heart is also. So if you want a more godly life, spend more time giving to God of your time, your money, your possessions, of yourself.

And I was totally convicted. I started thinking about what sort of example am I setting for my children? Am I showing them how important time in God's word is? Am I showing them how to cultivate a personal relationship with them?

The daily reading of the Proverbs is important to my daughter. When I was reading it daily, I noticed she was in the word at lot more herself. She was reading and UNDERLING and CIRCLING meaningful passages in her Bible. She was cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus.

It amazes me how sometimes what seems so little to us in HUGE in the lives of our children. Especially as they are growing in their walk with the Lord.

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Cindy said...

A few months ago I was beginning to see the "importance" of catechisms, but then I realized as the weeks went on that they overpower God's word. Then I heard the argument "It is FROM God's word." But then, why not just use it as a guideline and just look up the verses instead of teaching from the catechisms? This has been a very big issue in our family and church recently. Just keep in mind that even if the catechisms are completely biblical, they are written by man. If they are from the Bible, then just use the Bible! There are so many scriptures warning about the doctrines of man. I actually plan to blog about this soon. I'm serious, it's been a big issue with us! LOL!