Monday, May 25, 2009

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Learning How To Be A Frugal Homemaker
From one of my favorite blogs.

Creation Dice
What a GREAT idea!!

Coconut Milk Jigglers
What a FUN and HEALTHY treat for the kids!

Neonatal Snakes
GREAT pattern for making neonatal snakes. These are supposed to help preemies feel more secure, like they are back in the womb. Has anyone ever tried these? Anyone know if they really work? My half-sister is having her first baby (TRIPLETS), so they are gonna be TINY! Would LOVE to know if these are worth my time. :D

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Cindy said...

Oh, my! If I had one of those snakes my baby would never get to use it because his/her older brothers would be playing with it all the time! Wouldn't this be similar to a Boppy though? I guess the advantage is that you can bend it to different sizes and shapes? Hmmm....I'd need to see more pictures I guess so I can understand how awesome these are. LOL!