Monday, May 18, 2009

Current Web Readings

How to Afford Eating Real Food
I could not agree more with this wonderful post! It amazes me how many people say they cannot afford to eat healthy/organic/real food but spend money on things like manicures. :) I usually save money buying organic compared to buying conventional.

I thought I had some good tips for saving at the farmer's market! Here are some GOOD ones that I had not thought of before.

Are Canned Foods Necessary For Emergencies?
I must admit that I hate canned foods. They are so unhealthy for you. And they leach unhealthy chemicals into the food. We are going to do our best to can our own (in glass canned jars, not the metal ones from the store). I liked what this article had to say, as well as the link in it for the freezer stock. :) GREAT stuff!

Learning Hymns
Unless your kids are singing hymns, you have no idea the joy that wells up within your heart when you hear your two year old singing "I'll Fly Away" or "Nothing But The Blood." What I just LOVE about hymns (and something that is missing with most all today's "Christian" music, is that there is a focus on God, not on self. Most songs today focus on self or feeling good. Hymns focus on the Lord and our walking in Him.

Staycation Ideas
LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! Whether you are staying home (or local) for a vacation OR just want some FUN ideas for family nights THIS is THE site!!

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