Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I AM ... beautiful

I cannot see myself as beautiful. I know, I know. We are all beautiful in God's eyes. But I have faults (oh so many faults), and with beauty being INSIDE, and boy can I be ugly at times on the inside, I have a hard time not seeing flaws when I look at myself. I am overweight (although with God's help I am down to 189 woohoo!). I have grey hair (although, those too are starting to darken with the herbal rinses and molasses tea). I have HUGE pores on my face (ugh) and scars from popping pimples (no one told me not to). And if my milk-makers fall any farther I will have to put shoes on them!

And yet, with all that, my husband sees me as beautiful.

I AM .. beautiful

And so he makes me feel beautiful. Despite all my flaws, inside and out. He knows them all (sometimes better than I know them myself). And he still finds me beautiful. And even more than that, he makes me FEEL beautiful! Crazy man. And I am CRAZY FOR HIM! :D

I worry because of my low self-image that my girls will have low self-images of themselves. If I struggle as seeing myself beautiful in God's eyes, how can I teach them to see themselves through His eyes rather than that of the world? Is there a book for that? I guess an even better question would be what verses can the girls meditate on to help them?

I don't want them to compare themselves to women in the media, or barbie dolls, or the like. And I definitely don't want them to feel they need to find their worth/beauty in a man. But I also want them to be humble. Meek and quiet. Being a parent of girls is NOT an easy thing. So much to impart to them. So little time to do it! And it is to easy to make mistakes. But God must feel that I can do a decent job or He would not have blessed us with THREE of them (so far). :D Lord help me do it right!

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Cindy said...

You are beautiful, inside and out! What a lovely picture!

Throw self-esteem out the window. No one needs good self-esteem if you've got proper God-esteem. Just know who you are in Christ and be confident in that! Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. 1 Sam. 16:7b :)