Saturday, May 23, 2009

I AM ... A compute geek

I minored in Computer Science and was one of the first people in the WORLD to create a web page (back when you could actually surf the ENTIRE web in one day there were so few pages out there). I know more than the average person, but am still so thankful I am married to a computer GENIUS! LOL!! I would be LOST without my husband. :D

I Am ... A Computer Geek

I feel I need to explain. The picture does NOT look very good because it was taken with the built in camera on the computer rather than a real camera. LOL!!!

The computer and internet can be so much fun. But I don't have to tell any of you how dangerous it can be. Not just with predators and such, but in STEALING TIME. It steals me away from my family. And it steals me away from time with God.

I worry about my daughters as they get older. What are they seeing NOW. They want to do everything MOMMA does. And if Momma spends too much time on the computer, then as they grow up with will want to be on the computer more and more.

What am I looking for on the computer that I cannot find right here? I mean, my husband is my BEST FRIEND. I enjoy spending time with him. And I want my children to think of me as someone they enjoy talking to, sharing with, and being together. That can only happen if I make the investment to spend time WITH them (not on the computer). I have more than enough books (good books) that can help me in whatever area I want to grow in (I have books on just about every subject imaginable). And I have the BEST book of all - the Bible - which has directions and guidance way better than anything I could get on the internet.

And for fellowship, I have women friends, whom I enjoy spending time with. And I didn't meet them on the computer. I have two Titus 2 women in my life (who are true blessings in my life).

I think back to a simpler time in life where women gathered TOGETHER, in person, over a cup of homemade lemonade or even tea or coffee. They talked and laughed and worked on handiwork (a quilt or knitting/crochet). How beautiful! I long for that. Maybe I call up some of the ladies around here and see if any are interested in something like that. :) And if nothing else, I can sit on quilts on green grass, with trees all around and work on handiwork with my girls. :D If they would be still enough for long enough. LOL!! :D

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Meredith@MerchantShips said...

So, so true, Paula. I have to keep myself in balance as an example to the kids.