Monday, May 25, 2009

I Am ... A Helpmeet

My beloved has gotten back in touch with his creative side which means more pictures. :) I am so happy! You see, he is VERY much a Mr. Visionary. I tried for the longest time to make him into a Mr. Steady, and it almost killed him. He literally had no life in him. NO smile. No joy. And I could not figure out why. Until I realized that he was truly a Mr. Visionary - all that artistic and creative talent - I should have known. But we women sometimes like to smush our husbands into a box that we wish them to be in rather than allow them to be molded into the masterpiece God wants to make them.

My husband is VERY creative. And he has several outlets for that creativity: music (he plays the guitar, piano - even writing his own music, as well as playing the clarinet and is now trying to learn violin), computer programming (he can write our basic run of the mill stuff, but he can also write some WHIZ BANG programs when given the time and creative freedom to do so), writing poetry and songs, and of course there is photography.

I AM ... a photographer's assistant

This is me, crouched down behind the scenes with a blow dryer (boy this was a hard self-portrait to capture, I could not SEE myself and kept getting just the blow-dryer), being a supportive wife, a helpmeet to a Mr. Visionary. :) AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! :D :D

You see, I got to help my husband be who he IS rather than what I want him to be. I got to see him smile and laugh and be full of JOY as he got to express his creative side. Sometimes it is hard. I worry that he is spending more time on his creativity than on being with us. But then he does something like including the children in the photo shoot or in helping Daddy with ideas. Or he includes me (like above) in helping him. Or he plays his songs for the kids.

OH THE JOY of helping your husband be who God created him to be!! And the joy... OH THE JOY of a husband whose wife helps him!!! Look at that childish GRIN!!! LOOK AT THAT JOY!!! :D I would not trade that for a Mr. Steady anytime - and I can't believe I ever did.

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