Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Am ... Fun????

With me being a no Mom and all, I can be quite uptight at times. TOO often if you ask me.

And it saddens me. There is no joy like that of seeing your children happy. Of hearing laughter and knowing your children have joy. I don't hear it nearly as often as I would like. I really need to lighten up!!

I think to the Disney version of Pollyanna. I love how Pollyanna approached the pastor, who had was always preaching hellfire and damnation, and shared with him about joy. There are 800 texts that talk about joy, and if the Lord took care to mention it that many times, He must want us to be joyful. "The glad texts" are what her father called them.

Well, I am not quite sure how many times truly the Bible tells us to be glad or joyful, but I do know that it is a lot. And I do know that He WANTS for us to be joyful, and to enjoy Him and His creation.

I Am .... fun?

For the past two days, with me working on being a yes Mom more, and working on being more joyful, I have heard my children laughing more. I see them smiling more. And I have heard them say "Mom, you make things fun." Things I heard on occasion before, are now becoming everyday sayings!

My children notice a difference in me, and it is a good thing. And I am trying. I am trying SO HARD and I fall so short so many times. It is so EASY to lose my patience, and with that goes my joy too.

I am reminded of how when my kids do something wrong, I always remind them that we are all sinners and fall short. It is EASY to do the selfish and sinful thing - we don't have to TRY to. But we do have to try to do the selfless thing and glorify God with our thoughts, words and actions. I apologize to my kids often and it seems I am always asking their forgiveness. I am so thankful they are so quick to forgive (though they do not as easily forget - but that is another subject). :D

And I notice, in working on joy, and being a yes Mom, that I am spending more time WITH my kids. They love spending time with me. And I love spending time with them. I think I sometimes get so caught up in other things, sadly, that I lose time WITH them. Oh how SHORT and precious is that time!!!

I don't like goofiness. I don't think it glorifies God. God never intended for us to be fools. But I do like being fun. Fun hats, fun noses, fun jokes... finding joy in the little mundane things. It brings a family closer. And I love it!

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