Friday, October 3, 2008

UPDATE: Please Pray some more

Thank for all who prayed yesterday. We ended up taking JJ to the doctor. She is a WONDERFUL doctor (who sadly is moving away due to her husband's health). Anyways, she knew right away that it wasn't a food allergy or a cold or anything else. It was an allergy to ragweed. While it is good to know WHAT this is, it is frustrating that we are now entering the world of environmental allergies in addition to all his food allergies.

Last night was a rough one for JJ. He has Reactive Airway Disease and ended up having an attack and not able to breath last night. We had liquid abuterol on hand, gave him a dose, and he was much better.

Which brings me to my next request. On Monday night, I am fairly certain Brian had a small heart attack. He HATES hospitals so he refused to go. And after praying, the pain subsided. But last night he admitted that he was certain Monday night was a heart attack and that another one is not far behind.

I am not 100% sure if it was a heart attack or not (although when I was googling his symptoms, everything kept saying get thee to an emergency room!). And I am not understanding why Brian is now saying he is certain it was. All I know is that he is under a TREMENDOUS amount of stress. Your prayers for him are GREATLY appreciated. I am going to try to get him to at least goto his doctor today. I know that there is a test that can be done to tell if you had a heart attack or not (certain things are released into your blood stream). HOWEVER, I am not sure if those things can be seen if it has been more than three days since the heart attack.

I guess the most important thing is to just pray for him. Please. He is my pineapple. I know I need to give him to the Lord, even though I am just not ready to lose him yet. I need to trust God's will. So I guess you can pray for me too.

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Deb Burton said...

As a former ER nurse, I've seen my fair share of MIs (heart attacks) come in. There are certain chemicals that release in the course of a heart attack that can be picked up with blood tests. I would also encourage you to get him to a doctor so they can do a 12-lead EKG. If damage was done from even a minor heart attack, it will show up in several of the leads, even years later.

I cannot emphasize this enough - GET HIM TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. If the 12-lead shows any evidence of damage, he needs to be put on cardiac rehab and medication as well as a cardiac catheterization to determine whether there is any blockage. Yes, this is very scary, but so much has improved in the care of heart disease. This is a case where you need to err on the side of pushing through the fear to get to the truth.

Keeping you in my prayers.