Thursday, October 2, 2008

Library Thing (mine personally)

OK, so I am not sure how many of you have noticed that I have added Library Thing to my sidebar. In it, I am listing all the books I currently own.

I want to warn you that I was up late last night entering books. The first few were the ones my husband and I are currently reading or have on our bed board to read soon (things like Family Driven Faith, and For The Children's Sake). Things that are things that the kids can see.

But now I am into my closet books. And the books in there, while they are few, are books I do not want the kids getting into. They are books on marriage and the act of marriage. God has given me a heart for marriages. I do not talk a lot about that on here, although you can see that it is important for me to share with others when you visit the Romance posts on my blog. And while I do have lots of other books on marriage downstairs, those are ones that the kids can see. :)

So bear with me for a few weeks while I continue to add MORE books (boy do I have a ton of books!) and then there won't always be an act of marriage book popping up there! LOL!!! Most of those were required reading as part of our pre-martial counseling. Brian and I were miles apart and could not counsel together, so the pastor had us read books and listen to tapes and discuss them in phone conversations together. Others (like Love and Respect) are studies we want to do together. And yet others (like Created to be His Helpmeet and The Excellent Wife) are ones I want to have close on hand (not minding if the children read them) so I can read them over and over again. :) And yet others are to help us when it comes time to explain the facts of life to the children (oh I can SOOOOO wait for that to happen!). :)

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