Monday, October 6, 2008

UPDATE on Brian (after the doc appt)

So Brian is in better health than I am! LOL!! They are still not certain WHAT caused Brian's chest to hurt like it did (it could have been an esophageal spasm or just plain anxiety attack). All I know is I am SO THANKFUL to all of you who prayed! I am NOT ready to lose him.

But God did use it as a wake up call in my life of things **I** need to change in order to be a better helpmeet to Brian. AND to realize that I need to give him to the Lord and not hold onto him so tightly. I cannot change Brian. I cannot keep him alive. I cannot make him healthy. But I can support him in prayer for the changes God CAN make in him. I can do pray for his heart and make healthy meals for him that God CAN bless.

Because of his family history (his dad suffered a MAJOR heart attack about 5 years ago?? I am fuzzy on exactly when, and I believe his father's side of the family has had history of heart problems as well) they are going to keep an eye on him and run some more tests. But all in all the heart specialist said that there really shouldn't be anything to worry about.

THANKS AGAIN TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! I am so thankful to God that He is gracing me with more time to love on and serve Brian.

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Deb Burton said...

So thrilled with the good news! Sometimes God uses such episodes to spur us to focus more on Him, slow us down, or redirect our paths. And, frankly, sometimes such episodes happen because of our own sinful focus on ourselves. I know I have let stress pound me into the ground and it has caused physical symptoms. Either way, I'm relieved that nothing serious is going on. I have had your family on my heart for the last several days.

Have a great rest of the week!